The Author


Jenny La Sala is proud that three generations of her family have served in World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War. She currently resides in New York State. This is her first children’s book with the sequel, WHEN MOMMY COMES HOME launching in November 2016.

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“My girls love your book, WHEN DADDY COMES HOME!

 They did have some questions about how he got hurt, etc but my friend was pretty savvy in how she answered my daughter Keira, who said she loved the book because the daddy dances with his little girl just like her daddy dances with her.  

I was really impressed with the way that you wrote it in such a manner that you focused on all the positives and what he could still do with his family. That was key to my daughters’ perspective when reading – It is brilliant and I hope it is an incredibly helpful and healing tool for many soldiers and their children!  

Good luck with all of your work!”

~ Micala Christie-Hicks Siler, West Point Graduate and USMC Veteran 



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